“The look coincides with Tanya Taylor’s collection that was inspired by a recent trip she took to Africa. She was in Tanzania, and Kenya, and Morocco. This collection is beautiful. She’s really exploring bright pigmented colors and really fun treatments with macabre trim. The hair itself, is supposed to capture the feeling of a girl who has been on safari or traveling out in the desert for weeks on end. She is sweaty and a little hot and grimy. She might not have washed her hair earlier,” said Bumble and Bumble Stylist, Allen Wood.

Today, Allen gave us the styling method on how to recreate Tanya Taylor’s Spring/Summer 2016 look on your very own.IMGP2099

Products used and how to use: To create this style that is a twisted, textured top knot with the ends flicked out. We’re applying Bumble’s Prep Spray as a foundation. Then we are layering Bumble’s Surf Spray and our Brilliantine. Those two products are getting dried into the hair. We are making our way around the perimeter twisting sections like I’m doing right now. After this, we’re going to use Bumble’s City Swept, which a kind of texturizing spray wax that gives the hair an even more dirtied up separation.

Things to note: Keep it tight. If you need to, go back after and weave a little hair pin in there to cinch anything together that might be a little too loose.

You want it to look sweaty and like a desert dread kind of style. Then, after you get the twists in place with a high pony tail, secure it into a high bun.

The tail end will flick out. Use a flatiron to straighten out those ends. Use Bumble’s Classic Hair Spray to spray it in place so it stands on itself and sticks off the head.