A couple of weeks back, a friend recommended we go on a dinner date just to catch up. A few moments later she emailed saying to nix the dinner, were getting massages. It was so out of the box that I said yes just to try it out. Long story short, it was the best friend date anyone could ever ask for.

MassageNow, an app that allows you to book appointments for massages same day at a fraction of the cost, launches in the Big Apple. This means, you and your gal pals can forego the boozy dinner and destress in the most surreal fashion. And these aren’t massages at sketchy, police taped up locations. These are 4 star spas with some of the most lavish and luxurious treatments around.

Started in November 2014 by local services startup, Locality in San Francisco (totes jelly we didn’t get it first, but whatevs) was created with the mission to aid those who don’t have the time to block off an entire day for some R&R in the hopes nothing arises making them cancel last minute, and still be charged. MassageNow gives you the opportunity to book an appointment with just a few hours’ notice with prices starting at $85 – $100 total including tip! Plus, you still get to experience all off the perks the clients receive that book directly through the spa.

“Consumers hate spending time to research the best local spas only to call around and find no available appointments,” said Jay Shek, CEO of MassageNow. “MassageNow simplifies the entire booking process down to a couple of clicks. You simply select your desired time and location, and we send you to get a great massage for an awesome price. The convenience and pricing make massages more accessible to people than ever before.”

Sooo, stop complaining about your sore muscles and book an appointment now! MassageNow is currently available only in San Francisco and New York City through its iPhone app and online, but we’re sure they’ll be expanding to other cities and hopefully other countries, very soon. Because at the end of the day we all need a massages on the regular.