How do you put on your makeup? I typically use my fingers, but have realized over time, that like a cosmetic sponge, a lot of if the product sticks to your initial applicator. Now there’s a new way to apply makeup that will replaces up to 10 brushes use on the daily. BECCA Cosmetics One Perfecting Brush (OPB as we’ll refer to it for convenience), is a multitasker like no other.

When I received mine, I was apprehensive about its capabilities as I’ve been so used to my habits, but the OPB blew me away. The application process was thorough and smooth allowing for a more even application all over. One of my biggest concerns was how precise of coverage would be possible, due to its size, for concealer and blush but was surprised at thought it is large in size, the maneuverability is easily controlled. Plus, you ultimately wind up using only as much makeup that’s necessary as little to nothing gets caught in-between the bristles.SSP-Pressed-Gallery-Image_1819_2

The One Perfecting Brush can be used with liquids, creams, powders, serums, and offers non-porous, quality natural bristles in a 3.5 inch design. It’s sleek, easy to pack, and takes up less space than the 10 other brushes it replaces. Bristles are free of dye to ensure no softness or shape is lost over time, as well as enhanced with shed-resistant technology for a securer, fuller brush.