Waldorf-Bees-Making-HoneyNestled in 14,000 square-foot area of the Waldorf Astoria, you’ll find the ever glamorous
Guerlain Spa. Built with 14 treatment suites, a nail salon, a fitness center and relaxation area you can soak in the French-inspired sanctuary with a rose strewn lounge. And as we struggle to beat the heat or stay dry, depending on how Mother Nature is feeling, others are enjoying the “Milk, Rooftop Herbs, and Haute Honey” mani-pedi treatment.

The latest service at Guerlain Spa, “Milk, Rooftop Herbs, and Haute Honey” mani-pedi treatment utilizes hotel produced honey (they have six in-house beehives installed on the rooftop), hotel grown herbs and hot towels to create an experience that not only acts as a natural nail shine agent and is eco-friendly, but nourishes the skin too. Equipped with a private bathing lounge, signature Guerlain amenities, and personalized music selections, Guerlain surpasses spa expectations, time and time again.

But don’t worry… if the latest fad of gel manicures are more your cup of tea, the famous Parisian brand is well versed in all things beauty. Ranging from their Radiance Facial to Body Polish to the age old practice of Reflexology, guests can unwind every aspect of their body, relish in a Waldorf signature cocktail, without hopping from spa to spa.