I’ve only been to one salon on the Upper East Side. Many times it seemed that all the new hipper places were downtown, but lately have come to find a few longtime hidden gems above East 59th. My latest find is Berenice Electrolysis and Personal Beauty Center.

Founded and owned by Berenice S. Rothenberg, BEPBC (we’re going to shorten it because it’s somewhat long) has been around for the past 32 years. Berenice herself has been administering premier electrolysis for over 42 years. So for this trip, I decided to not go for my usual facial, waxing or semi-permanent beauty treatment. I went for a new non-invasive procedure called VelaShape II.VelaShape

Yes, there was a VelaShape I but after a few incidents it was taken off the market, perfected behind closed doors and returned as an FDA-cleared VelaShape II. Anyway, this procedure uses combined Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and light energies to target fatty areas. Using heat, a gentle suction and massaging techniques, over a period of treatments, transforms “problem areas” into a thing of the past and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

I only had one treatment because I was more in it for the first-hand experience. I mean, how can I tell you about a product I’ve never tried… right?! Now women who bruise easily, will probably bruise from this. It’s not that it’s painful, but it’s like a heated machine was trying to give you a hickey. The repetition is necessary, so after a while the area will feel somewhat tender and sensitive.


Did I see a difference? Like I said, I had one treatment, so the only difference I could feel and start to see was smoother and firmer skin. And because it does a bit of lymphatic drainage, drinking lots of water afterwards is pertinent. It allows for the toxins to be flushed out of your system.

Closet to most of New York’s luxurious shopping, hospitality and beauty spots, Berenice Electrolysis & Personal Beauty Center will leave you feeling like a queen (or king).