The Look: Diane Kendal for MAC Cosmetics
TOME opted for a “tribal, individualized ceremonial face”.


Start off with Studio Waterweight Foundation for a clean and natural base.

With Brow Set in Clear, groom brows upward and outward for a clean finish.

Dust the apples of the cheeks with Powder Blush in Blush Baby.

Stain the lips with Pro Long Lipwear Pencil in In Control.

Finish off the look by painting tribal strokes on the sides of the face with Chromacake in White and using the Duo Fibre Fan Brush #184.


Nail Look: Holly Falcone
Nails were very clean and natural. There was no polish but a well-groomed hand with oil.

For ladies who want to give the illusion of well-groomed hands, but still cant resist the urge to bite off the length. “If I came across a girl with bitten nails, I would file and even that edge out as much as I could. Oil always kind of conceals things. I actually like a balm, like a chapstick, because it sits well and it just kind of camouflages that dryness on the edge it; just makes it look healthy and not bitten.”