Makeup look: Gucci Westman for TATA HARPER SKINCARE

“We’re doing futuristic skin. Like the Tata Harper products have been so beautiful just for the luminosity and the girls are super hydrated and glowy. So I don’t need to add a ton of additional makeup for that purpose. And really it’s kind of about a matte sort of floaty eye, like brown. You don’t really see that much of it. And then it’s about this gorgeous, luminous skin and this nude mouth that’s very glossy.”IMGP2962-e1455474740541


Hair look: Bumble and Bumble

“Just gelling it to a high pony to get the shine. There are a bunch of different fringes and fake bangs and he’s matching it to the girl’s hair color and cutting the bangs with a razor. Just to their face. There’s no specific one cut or anything. A high pony and a bang is kind of a normal look, but it gives them a character, too. Even if girls have bangs that’s in that shape, he’s still attaching the bangs so it’s uniformity.”

“We use a BB Gel to put it in a high pony to give it that shine. Instead of dampening the hair with water, we use BB Prep and so he dampens the hair with that, and then he feather cuts it with a razor so the prep dries faster with the water.”