Nail Inspiration: Geraldine Holford for BEAUTY.COM using LONDONTOWN

“The Lela Rose girl is very fresh, sort of like almost preppy, but this season for Fall there’s some really amazing evening wear. It’s a lot of gold. It’s a lot of olive green, really great jewel tones.”IMGP3070-e1455648015560

“What we did was we chose this charcoal grey called Put the Kettle On. All the colors are a nod to British things. The colors are so highly pigmented; all you need is one coat. It’s perfect for the at-home painter as well. One coat, no treatment on top, so we want it like a little undone.The girl is very, very groomed. She’s beautifully dressed. That nail is sort of like her little rock and roll side.”


Hair Inspiration: Esther Langham for BEAUTY.COM using ALTERNA and THE BEACHWAVER CO.

“The inspiration today is, effortless. We want the girls to look easy, cool, and still chic.”

How-to: “To create some structure we’ve done a low-side part and swept it around over the ears to keep it clean away from the clothes at the front. The back, the texture is just very easy and light-handed. We’ve started by spritzing the hair down with water and then spraying theAlterna Bamboo Volume 48 Hour Sustainable Volume Spray all the way through from the roots to the ends. Just a light spray because we still want the hair to feel real, rather than over-product. We’ve then done a low-side part and then dried it just using your fingers to still keep a natural texture in there. Once it’s dry we’ve then taken Beachwaver S1 and just taken random large sections. We’ve kept the barrel moving so it doesn’t create an actual curl. It’s more about creating a little bend and some texture in there. We’ve worked all the way through the hair and then we’ve broken it down with our fingers, and then just tucked behind the ears. I’ve added a little of the Perfect Texture Spray just to the roots to create a little volume to the hair. Then through the ends I’ve used a bit of Brilliance Cream just to take away any dryness to the hair and just give it some separation.”

Makeup Inspiration: Romy Soleimani for using Marula Pure Beauty Oil andBliss Color

“It’s all about the skin as always.”

Skin Prep: “We’re starting with Marula, their cleansing cream and their lotion. They make an incredible oil and I’m pressing it into the skin after I do the makeup for an added glow.”

Eyes: “It’s really all about this kind of khaki smoke on the eye and we are using this pencil, this kind of khaki green pencil from Bliss color, which is brand new, called Where’s The Smoke? It’s a gorgeous kind of olivey, greeney, goldey pencil and it’s super easy to use. There’s the smudger on the other end. It’s just a gorgeous, quick, glamorous, sexy kind of smokey look.”

Face: “Keeping the skin really fresh using just a little tint and staycation. Then they have this concealer that has this pearly, illuminizer and we’re using this to highlight the upper cheekbones. Can you see it has a little bit of shimmer to it? See that? It gives a little brightness and glow to the skin. Then in the inner corner of the eye we’re using this goldey highlighting stick and we’re, again, pressing it in the inner corner of the eye. It’s all about this mix of skincare and makeup. We’re using this over here and then I’m putting a little bit of the Marula eye cream on top of it, so I’m just blending skincare and makeup constantly.”

“Then to mattify I’m using this, this is new from Bliss, and it’s basically this kind of silicony, mattifier and the brush is here. It’s so cool. What’s great about it is it’s completely transparent, so it’s great for any skin color, and you can eliminate the shine without adding powder to your skin, which is really nice. That is it. The Bliss color is all new and it’s really, really cute. I think it’s going to do very, very well.”

Brows: Holy Brow from Bliss, which is kind of awesome. It’s like a tinted brow and that’s like my one thing that usually when I use a brow gel there’s too much product and this is a perfect groomer.

Finding the best brow shade for you: “You try your best to match your brow color, so for you, you would use like a dark brunette. You could always take black mascara that’s not one of those thick, voluminous lash ones, wipe it off with a tissue and then use it. One of those more natural kind of mascaras that are not super heavy for thick, chunky lashes. You wipe off the end and then brush it. I do that a lot on set when I want a more intense, bold brow that’s exaggerated but it also would work great on black hair. [Romy later mentioned dark brown or black brown mascaras would work as well.]