Nail Inspiration: Deborah Lippmann

“Jason Wu the season is a little bit younger and a little grungier and still very chic. There was a lot of talk about texture in the hair… there’s super, super clumpy eyelashes. There was a lot that was different for Jason. And we tried a lot of different nails. Yadim really felt like there should be a super dark nail, if she was grungier… I was on board with that. But we have a French stylist who likes nothing on the nails. And she was like, “Deborah, I’m in a good mood today. Put it on. Let’s just see.””

“So we put it on, and everybody really liked it for about three hours. There was one version that was shiny, and it was a dark dark red. One version shiny, one version matte so that we were in keeping with the textured thing. Everybody loved it. I really thought, this is going to be it. Then we put the clothes on the girl and she started to walk, and it was just one element too far away from what Jason’s been.”

“And so that’s what the whole process is. It’s like really the details. It’s all in the details. They could have just been, “Oh, it’s a nail, like let it go.” But it came off. And then we tried a bunch of different versions of nudes.”

Products: “We wound up with FASHION which is a fully opaque beige, which is still a departure for Jason, who is usually a nothing-nothing kind of a nail. So she still finished with her nails. Like maybe she hasn’t gone full grunge.”

“So we used the GEL LAB PRO base coat and the GEL LAB PRO topcoat which is really really really shiny. And it’s simple, it’s clean, it’s finished, and it’s, you know, it’s a modern beige. It’s not a sheer pink. It’s not a sheer pink, and it’s not a buff.”

Nail shape: “Short and rounded because he just feels that short, rounded. And actually I’ve been hearing that a lot. I’m going to the Grammys this weekend, and I’ll probably be doing long pointy. And then I’ll come back on Tuesday and go, “Hey wait, okay, no, we’re back to short and rounded.” And then I’ll be at the Oscars where it’ll be… short and rounded.”IMGP2908-e1455431903111

Importance of moisturizing your hands: “For the girls that are nominated for awards, for Oscars, or on that trail, like, they do like eighty events in two months. They are back and forth from New York to LA to London to LA to London to Palm Springs. A manicure every day is just not a good idea. Every day, a manicure, is not a good idea. And with all the flying, with all the trying on of the clothes and all that stuff, a lot of girls struggle with their nails starting out at the beginning of the awards season looking beautiful, and then by the time the Oscars come around, it’s like “Oh, they just keep breaking!” They get on the plane, and they put a mask on their face. And I’m like, “So think about your hands. Think about how much your hands do. You’ve got to moisturize your hands when you’re on those flights, as well.”

“I know I’m talking about awards season, but it’s upon us. We’re talking about us. Work. You know. We’re three-quarters of the way through it now. But yeah, you’ve got to really protect your hands when you’re doing a lot. We do so much for our face, to hydrate them, and exfoliate them. We do all this stuff, and then our hands are in the dishwasher, and you know, our hands are going from outside to inside and oh, I didn’t put my gloves on. Hands do so much more, and then we go, “Well I put moisturizer on once a day.” It’s like, would you ever wash your face and not put moisturizer on?”

What to note about moisturizing:

  • “You just put the hand cream on and put it into your cuticles, don’t put it on the tips. If you put it on the tips then you’re going to have tip-wear.
  • “I always have a great hand cream. It should have UVA, UVB protection, SPF.”