Clearasil was the first dermatologist created brand for the treatment of acne on young skin. Since then, has grown into a line offering acne/blemish prevention to skin care maintenance and spot treatment. With its potent collection of creams, washes and pads, in varying active ingredients, young skin no longer fears the curse of the picture day pimple. Especially withClearasil® Daily Clear® Refreshing Superfruit assortment.

Offering a scrub, toner, cleansing pad, and wash, there’s no better way to awaken your morning senses the sweet aromas of raspberry and cranberry. Unlike other formula infused products, Clearasil’s Superfruit scent lingers only from pump to wash. Which is important for me, as scents can disrupt the way things taste, and become nauseating after time.

Besides scent, the raspberry and cranberry offer brightening, toning and pore minimizing benefits, while the Vitamin B3 protects against pollutants, which creates a substantial amount of bacteria that winds up clogging our pores. My favorite item happens to be the wash and toner, as it cleanses the dermal area without a painfully taught, drying result. The scrub left my skin moisturized, but became too oily by end of day. It would be a perfect winter regimen additive, when the harsh winds dry out the skin.