I’m on a Boat – Where do you begin with Asher Levine S/S 2013 Collection? We boarded a boat to enjoy a few refreshments, the sight of the waves moving slowly beside us and the cool waters breeze. As motion sickness began to set in we were informed the show was to begin and were ushered to the dock. So many unique elements for a men’s collection that there was no time to notice the models, characteristically chosen to wear each ensemble. One model in particular reminded me of Jake Gyllenhaal with a full-grown facial bush. Growing up near an estuary, Levine finds his inspiration from his surroundings mixing organic and synthetic material creating a more natural look. The whole show seemed like a craftily planned performance with each moment leading to the next, just like his collection.

Asher-7Asher-2 Asher-5

Themes – Creatures of South Florida

Colors – White, black, red-orange, blue, khaki

Key Items – Boxy jackets; carpenter jeans; two-toned jackets


Swag – Underground artists, grunge lovers and men who enjoy a masculine, structured yet different style option would flock to this collection.Asher-6

Photos courtesy of Asher Levine Inc.