Seeing as it’s summer, it is the perfect time to spend what seems like countless hours finding that special pair. After you’ve ascertained that the glasses look good on you, there’s (hopefully) a laundry list of attributes you run through before forking over cash at the register. When I first heard of Arnette Eyewear, I wasn’t sure they would have anything to fit my aesthetic. I’m the girl doing my best to be Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (minus the prostitution thing): the bigger the frames, the better to create an aura of enchantment or to hide the fact I stayed up too late…take your pick, I’m going for glamour at all costs. Imagine my surprise when I look at Arnette Eyewear offerings and am finding myself drawn to multiple styles.

One style that is universally flattering is the aviator (or as they refer to the ‘Trooper’) and Arnette does it well. I know…I know…it’s a basic shape; how can it be improved upon? Their ‘Trooper’ comes in various colors and tinted lenses but I can’t get over them with purple lenses and a matte black frame; who else other than THE first eyewear company to cater to youth counterculture would be able to modernize the once stodgy aviator? They also carry sunglasses with interchangeable parts, which means you can customize to your heart’s content. When practicality (their eyewear is favored by athletes of the extreme variety) meets fashion, you get a winning combo.

For those that are athletes that go hard in their sport and want to look good doing it, Arnette offers eye protection to suit your needs whether your a boarder, surfer or biker. To think, they started in a one car garage just over 20 years ago and are still pushing the envelope of innovation and providing opportunities for the new generation of youths to express themselves via music and sports competitions like their Arnette Pro Junior surfing tournament in Newport Beach, CA. Head over to their website and take a look around: chances are, they may have an event coming near you.

Written by Angela E