Here I attempt to apply false lashes by following video instructions from Kait Nichole, Hollie Wakeham, and Huda Beauty. I’m always astonished by the talent of women who make the most seemingly difficult task seem like second nature; this time is definitely no different.

There is a moment of random voice over as I wind up swearing from frustration…. hahaha. Just trying to keep these videos as G or PG rated as possible. ::wink::

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Products used –

Kiss Lash-101 All-in-One Kit
Kiss Blooming Lash Set, Camellias
Duo Eyelash Adhesive, Clear

Videos watched –

Kait Nichole – How To Apply False Eyelashes For Beginners!!
Hollie Wakeham – How to put on false eyelashes TRICK

Huda Beauty – How to Apply False Lashes By Huda Beauty | Sephora
The ABSOLUTE Best Way to Apply Lashes أفضل طريقة تركيب رموش
Beauty 101 | Fool Proof False Lashes! \ أسهل طريقة لتركيب الرموش