Since its conception in 1981 Annette (International) has produced undergarments that make women look and feel their best. Inspired by the Latina woman, Annette has worked to create a shapewear collection that enhances their natural curves for a sexy hourglass silhouette. Made in Colombia, the line is comprised of waist cinchers, bum and body lifts, fajas (girdles) of variable sorts. Typically priced between $45 to $140, these highly sought after items aren’t affordable to the everyday income. Even with the #EffYourBodyStandards movement, many women still want to feel their best when going out on the town. It doesn’t mean they don’t love their bodyshape!

But this month, Annette International has partnered with Target to sell a special value collection. The prices will range from $19 to $55 and offer the most popular items fromt the prime line translated into a value collection. With well proven molding and fitting in extra firm fabrications, this collection is available for any retailer, but Target has been the first to pick it up. Hmm, who could be next?

Annette’s value collection is available in-store and online.