Alicia Keys, 14 time Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter/producer (woah, that’s a mouth full!) is taking the world by storm once again, this time with Reebok. This exclusive launch is a limited edition collection by Reebok with Key’s re-takes on the Freestyle Hi, Freestyle Double Bubble, Classic Nylon Slim and Princess kicks.

“I’ve been a Reebok fan ever since I put on my first pair of 5411’s,” said Keys. “Collaborating with Reebok and designing this collection has been such a cool experience because I’ve been able to tap into my creativity in a whole new way.” This is all apparent in product design as Alicia worked on every aspect from choosing the Classics silhouettes to fabrics and color swatches resulting in looks representative of A. Keys – specifically the hi-tops with piano keys and a New York skyline!

“Reebok’s one of those brands that have endured the test of time and partnering with them felt like a really natural fit,” said Alicia. Keys will be featured in Reebok Classics’ Fall/Winter 2012 global campaign.