Since AFROPUNK isn’t meant to be a platform where you dress to be seen, rather than dress for yourself, there really shouldn’t be a Street Style story on it. But as it’s quickly joining the ranks of music festivals built on an idea benefitting the community, and has grown to an idea that it too can benefit pockets, it seemed natural that Street Style wouldn’t lag far behind.

Taking place at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn, AFROPUNK is a well respected live music, multi-cultural festival that has brought the likes of Alice Smith, Erykah Badu, and Janelle Monáe, to this years’, Lenny Kravitz, Lauryn Hill, and Grace Jones. So when it comes to what to wear, a few things come need be taken into consideration – the heat and humidity, the texture of the ground, but most of all comfortability. Here are some of our favorite looks from AFROPUNK 2015; each person demonstrating a sense of individuality that AP attendees innately posses.

Photo copyright StyleCartel