Banksy, the street artist and mystery man continues to make an impact on the world around him. From “Banksy without Boarders” – movement he initiated to teach poverty stricken children how to graffiti. A growing art form once branded as gang tagging, but has become an expression of art. To his latest test of selling pieces worth thousands of dollars, for a mere $60 on the streets of SoHo.

He’s ever testing the limits of life and cultivating a message from there on. This 3rd Day of our Advent Calendar Giveaway, we’re giving one lucky winner a chance to take home a “Police Pepperspray Butterflies” Banksy shirt from Spreadshirt, e-commerce platform for creating, buying, and selling of ideas on things that consumers love to share, use, and carry. There are dozens of prints available in several colors and styles from hoodie to tank to crewneck long sleeve to v-neck short sleeve.day3

For more information on the world of Banksy, click here. For more information and the different style available, visit them online.

STYLECARTEL GIVEAWAY – Tell us (or show us), your favorite Banksy work. You’ll have until Friday, December 6, 2013 at 9am EST to enter. Winner will be announced be announced Friday, December 6, 2013 at 12pm EST. Opportunities to enter will be posted on FacebookPinterestTwitter and Instagram.