Readers, readers, readers! We’ve been holding out on you all, teasing you for the past 23 days leading up to day 24. From makeup and footwear, to apparel and beauty products, we haven’t featured the one item that pulls these looks together – JEWELRY!

Today, on the final day of our Advent Calendar Giveaway, it’s all about The Alchemy Shop. The online shop that features statement rings, vintage peplum flora tops, basically everything to complete a wardrobe, all at affordable prices. Founded by a former fashion editor, stylist and fashion writer, Joyce Huang knew that vintage was one trend that would never lapse. She took this concept and created The Alchemy Shop – a place where all fashion personas could find something that not only represented them, but was so versatile, that it could be paired with almost anything. Then again, that’s the way fashion should be!StyleCartel_AdventCalendar_TwentyFour-03

As the Spring/Summer season is quickly approaching (we know Winter Solstice just occurred, but summer shopping is a year round adventure) shouldn’t you sport a wardrobe that deserves to be seen in the sun. For this giveaway, The Alchemy Shop is giving the winner a $100 credit*. Tell us what you do to add un petit je ne sais quoi to your ensemble. Answers automatically enter you to win! You have until January 1, 2014 @ 9 a.m. EST to enter via FacebookTwitter or Instagram..

*The winner can pick any item up to a retail value of $100 or select multiple items that add up to $100.