As we get closer and closer to Christmas, the feeling of giving continues to grow more and more, so for Day 21 of our Advent Calendar Giveaway, we bring you Threads for Thought. A company that started out as graphic tees, has grown into a production of goods ranging from accessories and leggings to swimwear and blazers. Founded by lovebirds since high school, Eric and Leigh Fleet, Threads for Thought was formed out of mutual concern and passion for giving back in manners that others choose to ignore.

Their mission of creating a sustainable, fair environment for third world workers, has surpassed ones wildest imagination. So rather using the finest of Italian leathers that can never be reused by employees that barely make a living wage for 60 hours of a work week, they house workers in a clean, safe environment utilizing environmentally friendly fabrics. Staff are not only paid fair wages, but paid time and a half (or more) if worked overtime (over 40 hours). Factories have working fire extinguishers throughout as well as clearly marked and unlocked exits. Things that go unnoticed to us, but crucial for production environments.StyleCartel_AdventCalendar_TwentyOne-01Now, here’s your chance to win a matching pair of leggings and beanie. Tell us a brand that you think we should feature for safe and proactive work conditions, and you’ll automatically be entered. Entries must be in by December 24, 2013 @ 9am EST via FacebookTwitter or Instagram.