At Palazzo Cusani in Milan, Acqua di Parma unveils first contemporary art exhibition “I’ll Be There Forever – The Sense of Classic”. Curated by Cloe Piccoli, the Professor of the Accademia di Brera, respected art critic as well as art director of Acqua di Parma Contemporary Art Projects, this show will run from Friday, May 15th until Thursday, June 4th. “I’ll Be There Forever” is set to demonstrate the development of Acqua di Parma’s strong commitment to art and culture, hence it being housed renowned seventeenth-century Palazzo Cusani in Via Brera. Centered in Milan, the Palazzo Cusani is perfectly placed for tourists traveling by as its 14 minutes on public transport (or 30 minutes on foot) from Milano Centrale.

In hopes to open the dialogue between classic and contemporary art, Italian artists of the moment like Rosa Barba, Massimo Bartolini, Armin Linke, and Paola Pivi have created new original works exclusive to the exhibit.

Cloe Piccolo notes, “In I’ll Be There Forever the Classical is not a series of canons or more or less perspective-based constructions brilliantly invented as a method of vision. It is not balance, grace and harmony. Not the idea of the Athenian democracy in the days of Phidias, not even that of man at the centre of the universe, of Piero della Francesca. Not Bramante, Andrea Palladio in Venice or Leon Battista Alberti at Santa Maria Novella. Or, at least, not only this. The idea of the classic in I’ll Be There Forever is that of a process of complex growth that puts different elements in relation to each other, forming a new dialogue that invents new forms and meanings. But it is also the idea of the classic as memory, belonging, sharing; as Italo Calvino wrote: ‘We use the word Classics’for those books that are treasured by those who have read and loved them […]’. ‘The classics are books that exert a peculiar influence, both when they refuse to be eradicated from the mind and when they conceal themselves in the folds of memory, camouflaging themselves as the collective or individual unconscious’.”

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Acqua di Parma Exhibit –
May 15th – June 4th, 2015
Palazzo Cusani, Via Brera, 15 – Milan, Italy
11:00h – 20:00h
Free admission