16148780892_7f504c8814_o Floome may be the answer for “that person at the party”. You know who I’m talking about. They’re the life of the evening when that one tequila shot takes them over the edge. The room that they had roaring in laughter has now turned to awkward silence as their Schumer-esque jokes go from onpoint to absolutely vile. At this point, no one can tell them it’s time to go home and the room begins to trickle down to no one but the host. Now, imagine this exact scene at a wedding, bar, college party, reunion, basically any large gathering. Hopefully someone is smart enough to have Floome.

Floome is a must have in any scene where alcohol is present. It’s an easy to use, every person can have, breathalyzer that offers a simple yet unique interface that delivers estimates and solutions regarding one’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in a matter of seconds. SECONDS! It takes seconds for a drunk drive to get behind the wheel of a car, and kill innocent people. Those same seconds can be used to test said driver and send their BAC and map location to friends for pickup, or to call for a taxi.

Floome also features a tutorial video to guide new users in setting up and using Floome. Perfect for those who don’t like reading instructional manual, comme moi. There are other cool capabilities with this application, but drinking and driving is actually dear to me. So, if a bartender can ensure one person doesn’t risk the life of another, imagine what this device being in the hands of thousands could do.




16147620351_692eac6c67_oCompatible with iOS, Android and Windows smartphones, Floome is the product of Italian start-up 2045Tech. Founded by a friends and colleagues at the University of Padua in Italy, Floome is their first invention introduced to the U.S. Market. Though only available in red and black at the moment (we seriously need more fashion forward colors guys!!), it retails for $99 on www.floome.com.