2014 is here and with every year, we change. We drop a habit. Alter or lookout on life. Pick up a healthier lifestyle. Even change the area around us. But after all that cash we dropped this holiday season, we’re left sprucing up via accessories – rather than a complete overhaul. So, here are 3 easy ways to spruce up your home.Still-Life-Art

Karin Vermeer, maria-fiodorovna-13-(ivan Kramskoi); Robert McPartland, Two Pears

Add more still life art to a room. Specifically a room that guests typically congregate during gatherings. Art is the easiest form of minimizing empty space and giving the illusion of color in a monotone or white walled splattered room. As a great conversation piece, you can play a pseudo-art aficionado while entertaining company, or create your own interpretation when alone. And as art is a continual growing aspect of our culture, original works tend to appreciate in value. But don’t think you have to break the bank for the sake of art, prints are typically available for purchase through major galleries such as Saatchi Online.


Accessorize your boudoir or living area with one of a kind pillows and throws. ORISHIBORI, a high-end, handmade home décor line recently launched and spicing up rooms one item at a time. Oriana, designer and stylist behind ORISHIBORI, has taken her love of hand dying via Shibori, an ancient Japanese method of organic dye techniques, to create never exactly the same pieces. Add it to solids for subtle, chic change or take it to the next level with print on print action.

Made of imported linen, silks, and soft leathers enriched with native organic dye techniques, pieces start at $275 and are available online for purchase.


Cubit Chair…. The latest way to game. Ok, I’m not a gamer, but I do love nifty ways to lounge around. And living in the city, space is fraction of the size of what I’m used to growing up in Texas. So, I’m left purchasing furniture that multi-tasks.

Originally created to for kids and their hangout space, it works in smaller rooms the need dimension and color. And perfect places that act a multiuse arenas, like living room, workspace and dining. Designed with soft and solid technology, it’s comfortable enough to sit ergonomically sound, but solid enough to hold a glass of water.

Retailing at $250, chairs are currently only available online, but will soon be unfolding in store across the nation.