I got the iPhone 6 Plus… finally. It was my birthday, christmahanakwanzika gift to myself for being so awesome. Also, my iPhone 4S apparently couldn’t handle the iOS 8 update. My superfast handheld lifesaver went from 26GB to 2GB in 10 minutes flat. And as much as I hate giving into “the man” and didn’t want to give up my bedazzled case, I knew it was time to say goodbye to two memorable years. So to ease the sorrow of losing such a beautiful case (you can obviously see my main sorrow laid within the case right?!) we’ve sourced cases that’ll heal those wounds faster than any pint of ice cream ever could.Tiny-Prints1. Make it your own. TinyPrints.com allows you to turn your craft dreams into reality. Imagine if your favorite instagram account were a phone case… that’s the sort of magic you can conjure up here. Create a case with meaningful words to live by, monogram it, or collage the hell out of it. We don’t care it’s your phone. They currently only make cases for Samsung and iPhone customers, but with the options, you’ll be willing to make the switch over.Adidas

2. Make it a #ThrowbackThursday, everyday. Adidas Originals new mobile accessory collection is simple, stylish, and sporty. Accented with the iconic 3-stripes and Trefoil embossed logo, this line is built for the modern person – rubber coating for enhanced grippage, slip pockets for ID or credit cards, plus it comes in styles for many devices including Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola Razr, iPads, etc. So don’t fret if the girl in head to toe pink is rocking the gold on black booklet case by choice because the collection is unisex like most Adidas products. In fact, you should be giving her major props for having such dope style.
Moshi3. At a glance. I don’t wear a watch. I rarely look at the time, but when I do I check my phone. One of my annoyances with checking my phone is that I have to bring it out, ALL THE WAY, and check it. I know that sounds like first world problems, and they are, but it’s an inconvenience.Moshi is one of the only brands that I know of that has a peephole cover for iPhones allowing you to check the time with a simple push of a button. They actually call it “SenseCover” and you can do many things like ignore an exes text, screen calls, or see how late you are to your 10:30 meeting (15 minute FYI).