image001On the twelfth day of Christmas, La Cartel gave to me…

Before we tell you about today’s giveaway, I would like to note that there are some day of the giveaway that did not go live. For that, we will be posting them next week Monday just as a little thing to ensure 1. All readers get a chance to win, win, win, and 2. That everyone who provided goodies received their much deserved shout out. Ok… now back to today’s product.

We love our brows. More so than most would like to admit. And by the atrocious pencil thin, c-shaped arches we see roaming the streets, you would think otherwise. But we do. Brows tell information about your emotions, frame your face, and just add un petit je ne sais quoi that other facial features don’t. Skin Research Laboratories (the company that has been aiding our brows and lashes for years), recently launched neuRADIANCE. neuRADIANCE like the other products specialize in aiding our face to ensure we are always beautiful even when au naturale. This new revolutionary product transforms the appearance of dull, dry, uneven looking skin into a fresh, glowing complexion that looks younger instantly, as the ingredients help boost cell turnover and moisturize skin. Plus it’s formulated for both women and men!

Currently available at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, and a few other places. But of course why trek the cold for this must-have winter beauty product. Follow us onInstagram and under the neuRADIANCE photo, tell us what your winter regimen is to combat dry, dull skin. You have until Tuesday, December 16 at 9AM EDT. Winners will be announced by end of day Tuesday.