On the eighth day of Christmas La Cartel gave to me…

bluedogspeaksCajun artist George Rodrigue began his series of Blue Dog paintings in 1984. Unbeknownst to him these paintings would soon consume his life for over 20 year as well as become one of the most recognizable images in the genre of contemporary art. The Blue Dog was most famous during the early 90s having features in advertising campaigns for Absolut Vodka and Xerox to being on an episode of the hit TV show Friends, to even having commissioned portraits from four U.S. Presidents.

Today this “pop icon” is still revered as a memorable piece of history being showcased in ways that evoke humor, sadness, nostalgia while staying relatable and comforting. The Blue Dog is like the Le Petit Prince for me. The conflicts, joys, perceptions of life are illustrated in such a comfortable, somewhat juvenile manner, that can be conceptually interpreted and reactionary without fearing ignorance. To put it simply – it’s safe.

Now this part of art history can join your book shelf or the shelf of that art lover or book collector if you choose to re-gift (we won’t judge you!) as we’re giving away a copy of BLUE DOG SPEAKS. Simply follow us on Instagram and under The Blue Dog photo, tell us your favorite piece of work. It can be Arnolfini Portrait by Van Eyck, The Third of May 1808 by Francisco Goya, or any other masterpiece you love. Tell us, we want to know! You have until Tuesday, December 9 at 9AM EDT to enter. Winner will be announced end of day Tuesday.